Needlework and embroidery were widely used as occupational therapy for wounded soldiers during WW1. After the war ended a charitable organisation named the Disabled Soldier’s Embroidery Industry was set up to aid the rehabilitation of severely disabled ex-soldiers. Some attended workshops, others worked from home. In December 1917 the Bath Chronicle reports on an exhibition and sale of needlework made by the soldiers held at the War Hospital, the aim being to raise funds to purchase more materials for the soldier’s work – over £50 was raised. This work continued after the war, and another exhibition was held in October 1919 to spread information about what the wounded men were capable of. Included in the exhibition was a large bedspread made by men from wards 5 & 9 for the Prime Minister’s bed at Chequers. The exhibition also included paintings and drawings, and butterflies made of glass beads that could be used in the millinery trade. 


Embroidered Postcards






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